‘The Walking Dead’ director wanted Maggie to kill Negan in canned plot twist

Beware of spoilers

The Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero has discussed an alternative plotline which could have seen Maggie kill Negan at the start of season 8.

While the scene which aired saw Maggie being held back being Michonne after Rick slit Negan’s throat, to respect Carl’s wishes, Nicotero originally imagined it going another way.

On Collider podcast The Witching Hour, Nicotero explained, “I said to Scott Gimple, the showrunner, ‘I think Maggie should shoot him. I think Maggie should either kill Negan or shoot Negan or do something, because she’s right there.”


In the show, Maggie threatens to shoot him, as Negan had previously murdered her husband Glenn – leaving her to parent their child on her own.

Nicotero added: “I said, ‘It’s really a hard moment to shoot knowing that Maggie collapses to her knees because Rick spares Negan’s life.’

“I sort of pitched this idea to Gimple, ‘Why doesn’t Maggie shoot him? Why doesn’t Maggie kill him?’ And obviously, Negan’s character had more of a journey, there was a lot more going on.”

The season 10 finale of The Walking Dead was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has now also delayed season 11. AMC confirmed post-production on the season finale would not be possible under lockdown.

Despite the delays, with a release date now up in the air, Nicotero remains confident on the quality of the episode. “It’s a great episode,” he said. “I’m super-proud of it, so I can’t wait for people to see it.”