‘The Walking Dead’ hits series low ratings with season 10 finale

'A Certain Doom' finally aired last week

The Walking Dead season 10 finale has scored the show’s lowest ratings to date.

‘A Certain Doom’, the long-awaited episode which aired last weekend (October 4), was watched by 2.7 million viewers – the lowest of any season 10 episode.

This marks a 22% drop from last April, the lowest number before that being 2.9 million viewers in March, per SpoilerTV. The viewing figures have been gradually decreasing over the course of the show – 17 million viewers tuned in to watch in 2016.


AMC recently confirmed that The Walking Dead could come to an end after season 11, set to air between 2021 and 2022. However, a number of spin-off shows and films are currently in the works still taking place in the same universe.

Reviewing ‘A Certain Doom’, NME said in a three-star write-up: “One of the best things about ‘A Certain Doom’ is that it’s finally arrived. A decent instalment – although not among the best-ever Walking Dead season finales – it’s worth remembering that it was never intended to have a six-month build-up.”

The review continued: “Unfortunately, the episode feels burdened by this weight of expectation. At least now, The Walking Dead can begin to look to the future. When those half-dozen additional episodes are out of the way, we really will be on the final stretch — and we might just look back at ‘A Certain Doom’ as the episode when the end really began.”

The Walking Dead currently airs on FOX in the UK and on NOWTV.