‘The Walking Dead’ fans pay emotional tribute to long-standing character after exit

*Major spoilers*

The Walking Dead bid farewell to one of its longest-standing and most important characters in the latest season 10 episode.

Last night’s (March 22) episode ‘What We Become’ saw fans say goodbye to Danai Gurira’s Michonne, while also hinting that Rick Grimes is still alive.

In the episode, Michonne is led to Virgil’s home, where she is given a hallucinogenic tea that show’s her an alternate timeline.


Danai Gurira as Michonne. Credit: AMC

Here, she sees herself take a villainous path after deciding not to save Andrea, later becoming Negan’s right-hand woman and murdering Glenn, before being killed herself by Rick.

Back in the real world, Michonne later finds Rick’s boots and a logbook, as well as a drawing of herself and Judith, and after the latter briefs her over walkie talkie about Alpha’s fate and the situation with the rest of the group, she sets off to find Rick.

Michonne’s storyline ends when she finds two survivors in need of help, deciding to aid them as they try and catch up to a marching army in the distance.

While the ending still leaves Michonne’s story open-ended, fans nevertheless paid an emotional tribute to her character:


Speaking about her exit to Entertainment Weekly, Gurira explained: “I thought that was a very generous way to let her exit because she has to be true to herself, and being true to yourself has its inconveniences.

“The aspiration is she is supposed to go and find her partner, love of her life, father of her children, bring him home. And that’s something that in Michonne’s mind, only she can do that. If he’s out there and he needs help, only she can bring him back. So she has to go do that.

Danai The Walking Dead
(Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

“But because she’s being true to herself as she found that inkling to be true to herself, even when she was cut off from herself when she saved Andrea, she has her own aspirations in service of others. And that’s who she’s become.

“And so to help these people at the end and get them towards their people is something she knows she can live with. And that’s something she knows that she is.

“And so we see her exit to show that honest, truthful Michonne decision that we’ve seen her grow into over the course of her time on the show. But growing it more and more into her own heart and her own humanity. So I thought that was a great way for her to walk away through her stuff.”

Teasing whether she could pop up in the upcoming Rick Grimes movies, the actress added: “I mean, we’ll see how it goes, man. You know what I mean?”