‘The Walking Dead’ to resume production later this month

"Our ability to resume in the safest possible way is something we are closely focused on"

Showrunners for The Walking Dead have confirmed that production is set to resume on the AMC drama in the autumn.

Network CEO Josh Sapan revealed that filming on the show will take place in Atlanta, Georgia in late October, reports ComicBook.

“Our ability to resume in the safest possible way is something we are closely focused on,” he added. “We will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly depending on local circumstances.”


The Walking Dead has officially delayed its 11th season premiere until 2021, but will air the much-delayed season 10 finale on Sunday, October 4 in the US and the UK on October 5. Additional bonus episodes will also be aired in early 2021.

The season closer was originally due to air on April 12 before being pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Production will also go ahead on Fear The Walking Dead in Austin, Texas starting later this month.

Last month, meanwhile, showrunner Angela Kang offered a glimpse into what fans can expect from the The Walking Dead‘s season 10 finale.

“Obviously, we’ve got this new power group of four with Princess and Ezekiel and Eugene and Yumiko who are off on the road,” Kang said. “We’re going to see some interesting turns in that.”


Director of the finale Greg Nicotero added: “I’ve really got to give Angela and the writers a huge, huge thumbs up, because I’ve feel like the trajectory of the season, the way that the season built, it just felt like every episode gave you more than the episode before. It felt like you were on this really great ride.”

Earlier this year (May 28), Norman Reedus compared the show’s upcoming episode to Game Of Thrones, promising an epic battle.