‘The White Lotus’ star Murray Bartlett on infamous suitcase scene

Spoilers below

The White Lotus star Murray Bartlett has shared his thoughts on the infamous suitcase scene in the hit HBO show.

The actor played anxious spa resort manager Armond, and went viral following a scene in the limited series’ finale during which he poops in an unpleasant customer’s suitcase.

Asked by The Guardian how he pulled off the scene, Bartlett said: “What I can tell you is that it wasn’t me. I mean, it’s my pretty impressive thigh control helping me squat over the suitcase, but the rest happened in post-production.


“We filmed it in several different ways and the final version didn’t look quite how I’d imagined. I was a little horrified when I first saw it. Watching yourself explicitly taking a shit on TV is fairly confrontational. But I soon got over it, because it’s such an epic moment.”

Of the show’s creator Mike White, the actor said: “Mike’s not afraid to go to those places. There’s not much difference between what Armond’s doing in that scene and the way certain other characters treat people like shit. It’s kind of brilliant in that way.”

In a five-star review of The White Lotus, NME said: “There is so much there, all the time, bubbling to the surface, and it would take an impatient viewer not to be seduced by it all.

“Rarely is there a moment where one of the guests isn’t unhappy or angry, confused or offended, and White manages to balance it all without the whole thing feeling false or like the worst parts of a soap opera. This, as many failed TV shows prove, is a Herculean effort.”

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