‘The Witcher’ cast tease “deeper and more emotional” season two at London premiere

Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Joey Batey and more speak to NME about the new season

The cast of Netflix’s The Witcher has discussed how the show evolves in season two at the show’s premiere in London.

Picking up after the Battle of Sodden, The Witcher’s second season looks set to build on the relationship between Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and Princess Cirilla (Freya Allan) as they visit his childhood home of Kaer Morhen.

Speaking to NME at the London premiere, Cavill said: “With this season I was really excited to explore, especially with the Geralt and Ciri relationship, the wisdom of who Geralt is. In the first season, he’s not really explored as a character and so when we see the fact he’s actually 70+ years old, he’s not going to be a fool.


“We get to see how he operates with Ciri and how he works softly with her. After all, this is a young person who has gone through a traumatic experience. For me, [it] was really important to show the intelligent side of Geralt, the wisdom side of Geralt and the soulfulness.”

The Witcher season 2 premiere
Paul Bullion, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Freya Allan, Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Joey Batey at ‘The Witcher’ season 2 premiere CREDIT: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Diving into Geralt’s relationship with Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explained how this season will dig beneath the surface of the main characters.

“The story is really about family coming together and we go deeper and more emotional on all of the characters,” Hissrich said.

“They’re getting to know each other in completely different ways. It’s not a witcher, a sorceress and a princess, it’s a father, a mother and a daughter, which is an incredible story to tell.”

Don’t expect another breakout hit like ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’ on the soundtrack though, as Jaskier actor Joey Batey, alongside composer Joseph Trapanese, worked to offer something altogether different.


“We were determined to do everything but ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’,” Batey said. “So it is stranger, it’s got some folky vibes, some Celtic vibes on its way, and it’s a song that’s kind of driving the narrative and is kind of helping Jaskier on his own journey.

“This is the difficult second album. The best artists change, the best artists adapt and are chameleons. David Bowie would not be Bowie if he had not kept changing, so we’re trying to change Jaskier as much as possible as we go.”

The Witcher season two is set to be released December 17 on Netflix.

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