‘Tiger King’ theorists are convinced that Jeff Lowe is Carole Baskin’s first husband

The plot thickens (maybe)

Fans of Netflix sensation Tiger King have been spreading a theory that con-man Jeff Lowe is in fact Michael Murdock, the first husband of Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin.

One fan explained the thinking behind the theory on Facebook: “Jeff is Carole’s abusive first husband who she paid off to go take Joe down. She rented a mansion and that cat to draw him in.

“Jeff (and James Garretson) even admit they directed Joe to kill Carole. When Joe didn’t do it, they needed him to pay, he didn’t. So Jeff sent his friend and he ‘chickened out’ on purpose.


“Carole then paid them all off. All the convicts around him, except Kelci Saffery and John Reinke. Too bad I wasn’t the police investigator, I would of [sic] definitely caught this bullshit.

“Jeff even told the cops about the Tiger skulls, because they didn’t have enough to keep him otherwise on the bogs ‘killing plot’.”

Others pointed out that Lowe has a past conviction for assaulting an ex-wife, with Baskin’s first husband described as physically abusive.

Meanwhile, Baskin has said she’s received death threats since the show aired last month, and that she feels “betrayed” by documentary makers who she says had promised to focus on animal cruelty, rather than her rivalry with fellow big cat owner Joe Exotic.


A follow-up to the hugely popular docu-series is out on Netflix today. Titled ‘The Tiger King and I’‘ it sees Tiger King super-fan Joel McHale host a special “after-show” event where he interviews key members of the show.