‘Twin Peaks’ will be leaving Netflix US at the end of June

It's been streaming since 2011

Twin Peaks is set to leave Netflix US at the end of June, the streaming giant has confirmed.

David Lynch’s critically acclaimed series has been streaming in the US since 2011, and will finally be taken down at the end of next month.

A what’s-on list shared by Entertainment Weekly last week revealed that cult shows Hannibal and The Twilight Zone would also be taken down, as well as Scarface and the Back to the Future trilogy.


In other Twin Peaks news, it was revealed last year that the murder which inspired the series is set to be the subject of a new documentary and non-fiction book.

The murder of Hazel Drew, who was killed in Sand Lake, New York in 1908, will be explored in Blonde, Beautiful And Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks.

According to production company Metabook Entertainment, it will “investigate the secrets, corruption and gender politics one small-town community tried to keep buried” in the wake of the young woman’s death.

Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer, Sheryl Leee
Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer CREDIT: Alamy Stock Photo

Kyle MacLachlan, who starred in Twin Peaks, recently hinted that he’s set to be involved in Wisteria, the reported new project from his frequent collaborator David Lynch.


The actor shared a photo on Instagram in March of a purple wisteria plant, nodding to the reported title of the project (which has also at points gone by Unrecorded Night) and adding the hashtag #wisteria for good measure. “Beeutiful [sic],” he wrote.