Watch Marcus Mumford gatecrash wife Carey Mulligan’s ‘SNL’ monologue

"You're being that guy that takes his acoustic guitar out at the party!"

Carey Mulligan hosted last night’s (April 10) episode of Saturday Night Live, and her opening monologue was gatecrashed by a surprise guest.

During her customary opening speech, Mulligan’s husband, Mumford & Sons vocalist Marcus Mumford, made his presence be known from the audience.

“I spent the last year quarantining in the English countryside with my husband and my two small children, which is the beginning of most horror movies,” Mulligan said to open the speech.


When she went on to claim that Mumford was at home caring for their children, he stood up in the audience, revealing his presence at the show in New York City.

“Do you know if they booked a musical guest for tonight?” he joked, to which Mulligan confirmed that Kid Cudi was the musical guest. Mumford then added: “If they end up needing anyone I’m very happy to do it.”

“I thought you were giving me the signal,” he told his wife after he began to play guitar in the audience unprompted. Asked by Mulligan what said signal was, he replied: “Our secret couple signal for ‘Play the guitar.'”

“You’re being that guy that takes his acoustic guitar out at the party!” Mulligan bemoaned, before Mumford said: “People love that guy!”


Elsewhere on last night’s SNL episode, Kid Cudi performed ‘Tequila Shots’ and ‘Sad People’, the latter of which saw him donning a dress. The cast of the show also parodied Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama’s recent podcast series.

Mulligan’s hosting of SNL came in advance of this year’s Oscars, which will be held on April 25, and see Mulligan up for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Promising Young Woman. The actress recently said that the film unpicks “normalised” predatory behaviour.