Watch the trailer for David Attenborough’s “witness statement” new film

Attenborough will be presenting the documentary himself at the Royal Albert Hall

The trailer for Sir David Attenborough’s upcoming film A Life On Our Planet has been released, in which the broadcaster offers a crucial warning to humankind.

“Human beings have overrun the world,” Attenborough narrates in a first look at the film, which seems to place focus on his own journey and views learned over an entire lifetime, as well as informing viewers on the existence of other species in uncovered parts of the world.

The feature-length documentary sees Attenborough embrace his own human perspective to educate viewers on what can still be done to avoid environmental catastrophe.


“This film is my witness statement,” Attenborough says, “and my vision for the future.” Watch the trailer here:

Now aged 93, Attenborough has visited every continent on the globe and educated audiences on the world’s wildlife in dozens of documentaries.

The new film, produced by WWF and Silverback Films, tells the story from a more human approach and with a more urgent message.

A Life On Our Planet will receive its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall, which Attenborough will attend in person, on 16 April 2020.

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