Watch the trailer for Netflix and ABC’s Melbourne comedy ‘Why Are You Like This’

Written by 'Get Krackin''s Naomi Higgins, Aunty Donna's Mark Samuel Bonanno and Humyara Mahbub

Netflix and ABC have teamed up for a new six-part comedy series, Why Are You Like This, with the first trailer arriving today.

The show is written by Naomi Higgins, known for her work on Get Krackin’, illustrator Humyara Mahbub and Aunty Donna’s Mark Samuel Bonanno. It follows twenty-somethings Mia, Penny and Austin – played by Higgins, Olivia Junkeer, and Wil King – as they fumble through Broad City-like escapades in Melbourne.

A bio describes the trio as following “their questionable modern day moral codes in confronting the complex social issues of an outrage driven world, leaving a path of destruction in their wake”.


Watch the crass and hilarious preview below:

Why Are You Like This will arrive on February 16 on ABC’s streaming platform iView, before going worldwide on Netflix later this year.

The show’s pilot aired back in 2018 as part of the ABC & Screen Australia’s Fresh Blood pilot series, before it was greenlit for a full series the following year.

It comes in a flurry of new investment in original Australian content by the streaming giants of late. Last year, Bonanno’s comedy group Aunty Donna debuted their absurdist series on Netflix, Aunty Donna’s House of Fun.


NME named it the second best Australian TV show of 2020, describing it as “The Goodies meets Monty Python in a Rick & Morty acid trip sprinkled with dollops of The Mighty Boosh, all set in a nice, suburban bungalow with clipped hedges”.