‘Westworld’ teased ‘multiple Dolores’ plot line with costume Easter egg

Dolores' iconic blue dress holds the key

Westworld season three’s big Dolores host twist was hinted at very subtly before it was revealed to the audience.

Sprawling sci-fi epic Westworld is set in a world where sentient robots (hosts) fight to take control of their destinies from humans who seek to keep them subservient.

In episode four of season three, The Mother of Exiles, it is revealed that some of the hosts running about in the futuristic real world — specifically Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) and Sato (Musashi from Shogunworld, played by Hiroyuki Sanada) — are actually inhabited by Dolores’ (played by Evan Rachel Wood) consciousness rather than separate hosts. The vengeful android had figured out a way to clone her mind, and placed the new copies inside the hosts’ freshly-printed bodies.


Westworld easter egg
Evan Rachel Wood in Dolores’ fan favourite blue dress from ‘Westworld’ season one. Credit: HBO

However, speaking to NME, costume designer Shay Cunliffe explained that the link was hinted at beforehand with subtle little touches on each of their costumes after a request from the show’s makers.

“You know in the episode where you start to realise that everyone is a [copy] of Dolores, there was a request from them saying: ‘Oh do you think you could put touches of blue in these characters very subtly’,” she said, in reference to Dolores’ famous blue dress from season one and two.

Westworld season 3 episode 3
Tessa Thompson as Delos CEO Charlotte Hale in ‘Westworld’. Credit: HBO

“So, in the episode where [it’s revealed], Sato is in a blue-striped shirt and a dark blue suit; Connells is in a light blue shirt; and Hale shows up to take the Man in Black aka William (Ed Harris) to the lunatic asylum, she’s in dark navy pinstripes. I had Dolores herself in a blue little drop earring, the rest of her [costume] is black and white.”

Westworld easter egg
Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) during ‘Westworld’ season three episode four. Credit: HBO


During the episode’s final scene, Dolores appears in the aforementioned blue dress when she visits William in the hospital, bringing the clever visual flourish full circle.

“We had various outfits [designed for] Dolores which were futuristic versions of that blue shade, but they didn’t end up finding a home,” Cunliffe added. “The beginning got rewritten a lot. I had outfits up my sleeve that never found their scene. I guess they’re in a box — there’s always next season.”

Sato (played by Hiroyuki Sanada) during ‘Westworld’ season three episode four. Credit: HBO

As season 3 draws near to its close, it was revealed last week that Westworld had been renewed for a fourth outing.

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