Watch a toddler storm the stage at an extreme metal festival

The rocker-in-training appeared at Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic

Footage has emerged of a toddler crashing the stage at last month’s Obscene Extreme metal festival at Battlefield Trutnov, Czech Republic.

On July 17, day two of the three-day event, Prague thrash metal outfit Force of Hell were delivering a pulverising song when the youngster joined them on stage.

In footage shared to Youtube on July 22, the shirtless little guy can be seen wearing a set of blue headphones and cautiously getting on stage, before stomping back and forth with confidence, at one point even plonking himself down in front of a speaker.


Force of Hell, meanwhile, continued to perform behind him, unperturbed.

Watch the cute video below:

It’s not the first time tiny tots and the metal world have collided.

Just last month it emerged that a New Zealand mum had paid homage to some of the genre greats, naming her three children after the bands Metallica, Slayer and Pantera.

The news was shared by filmmaker David Farrier, who later elaborated in a Twitter thread that the unidentified woman had told him: “It’s not easy raising three of the heaviest bands”.


Last year, 10-year-old rock prodigy Nandi Bushell celebrated victory when Foo FightersDave Grohl conceded defeat after the pair had exchanged musical challenges throughout lockdown.

“There was nothing I could do!” he said of the pair’s back-and-forth drum battles. “Every time she would put out these videos on her page, I’d be like, oh my God, I’m gonna get my ass kicked again.”

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