Watch My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way in conversation with Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins

The pair spoke on the 'Pass-Through Frequencies' podcast

My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way has spoken to Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins on a new podcast episode – you can watch the interview below.

On the Pass-Through Frequencies podcast, the pair talk about quarantine, the creative process and songwriting. A description of the episode read: “Gerard and Jim talk about making intentional choices to get around expectations psyching you out.”

Way also opened up about the way My Chemical Romance’s songwriting process developed over the years, his work on music and comics and how his view of success has changed over the years.


Speaking about the latter, Way explained: “One of the things I noticed as the years kind of go by and the longer I’m creative and do different things, I really start to become really interested in the craft itself and the enjoyment of that. It becomes more about the craft than it becomes about how successfully it’s communicating or how successful it becomes…publicly accepted.

“…I really just enjoy the actual craft of making comics and exploring stuff with music and writing music.”

Way continued: “That’s become more important to me as I get older. It’s become less about ‘What are people going to think about this?’ or, ‘Will this be a hit?’ or ‘Will this be a huge success?’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Way opened up about My Chemical Romance’s early music-making days.

Way added: “We would get excited about certain things in terms of what we thought was going to be something that communicated very successfully or at the very least something people liked.


“We never really thought in terms of radio hits or anything like that.”

Back in July, Way released a new solo track called ‘Here Comes The End’ which featured on the trailer for season two of The Umbrella Academy, the Netflix adaptation of his comic book series.

Earlier this week, Way revealed that he wanted to record a new song using Billie Eilish’s Fender ukulele.