Kynsy – ‘Things That Don’t Exist’ EP review: genre-hopping anthems that flaunt grit and glamour

The Dublin-based musician makes a flashy arrival with her gripping debut EP

In the space of two gripping neo-noir singles, Kynsy has brewed up the perfect storm of youthful unease. Exploring topics of a long term relationship coming to an end with ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ right through to disturbing characters met on nights out with ‘Cold Blue Light’. It’s been a masterclass of channelling angst into disarming indie for a new generation.

Like everyone else with plans flipped upside-down around the pandemic, her debut EP ‘Things That Don’t Exist’ probably should have arrived much earlier than now, greeted with heaving club shows and festival stages to boot. But she isn’t going to delay any longer and why the hell not? As well as offering the time to absorb any personal concerns, the last six months have seen 23-year old Ciara Lindsey hone every note on this release, making for a soaring first statement.


The throbs of synth-led opener ‘Elephant In The Room’ are bold and precise with every note carrying a deft poignancy. When the first cutting lines arrive, there’s an incisive charm; “Darling don’t tempt me / I’m miles deep / staring at a blank screen / chasing an ideal dream”. The curtain dropping moment – when those drums and guitars crash in – is truly enthralling, with both grit and glamour bustling for space on the same track.

On ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ continues to wear her influences proudly, be it the high-distorted guitar sound of The Strokes or the dramatic genre-bending approach of St Vincent. But this is a glossy and vivid sound all of her own. Along with rife energy, there’s an unmistakable ache and anger under the surface as she yearns that “it’s kind of scary / it’s kind of sad / how many people turn from good to bad.

‘Dog Videos’ is as a sprightly gear-shift with a bouncy synth line and deceptively colourful lyricism “I’m just gonna live on my phone / forever watching dog videos) It’s a moment that seems light at a glance but acknowledges social media’s endless scroll. ‘Cold Blue Light’ delivers a final punch; the swooning and emotive track unsettles and uplifts as distorted guitar parts bends along with a razor-sharp attitude. It has all the makings of an underground anthem of these times.


  • Release date: January 28
  • Record label: Self-released

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