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‘Above Suspicion’ review: real-life spy romp turned sexy true-crime melodrama

Emilia Clarke stars as an FBI informant who has an affair with her handler

‘Arkansas’ review: unapologetically derivative love letter to Quentin Tarantino

Death! Drugs! Violence! America! You'll find them all here

‘Clemency’ review: Alfre Woodard delivers a tour de force in sobering death row drama

The serial supporting actress takes centre stage with her best performance yet

‘Fatal Affair’ review: algorithmic Netflix thriller isn’t worth the click

This straight-to-streaming drama is designed to appeal to the masses – but ends up pleasing no one

‘Spaceship Earth’ review: quarantine doc about isolated scientists is stranger than fiction

Learn about the '90s commune behind the Biosphere 2 – a giant replica of the earth's ecosystem built in the Arizona desert

‘The Old Guard’ review: high-concept action thriller is a new kind of superhero romp

Charlize Theron fronts this spandex-free Netflix adventure about a team of immortal mercenaries

‘Greyhound’ review: wartime chaos on the high seas with Tom Hanks

America's grandpa goes straight to streaming with a patchy WWII thriller

‘Lost Transmissions’ review: Simon Pegg’s downtempo look at music and mental illness

An LA-based music producer struggles with schizophrenia – and his young collaborator must pick up the pieces

‘Burden’ review: good intentions can’t save this clumsy KKK redemption drama

It means well, but Andrew Heckler's film about a Klansman who turns his back on hatred is totally artless