Film Reviews

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The famously furious actor resists his usual urge to go hog-wild

‘Jakob’s Wife’ review: blood-spattered black comedy with a vampiric twist

"I’m going to tongue-fuck a hole in your neck until you puke blood”

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John David Washington's accidental hero goes on the run in Ferdinando Cito Filomarino's Netflix thriller

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Jennifer Hudson stars as the late, great soul legend in director Liesl Tommy's feature film debut

‘The Swarm’ review: a buzzy French horror about killer locusts

There's some smart social drama to be found in the fog of murderous grasshoppers

‘BLACKPINK: The Movie’ review: a reminder of the joy of live music with the world’s biggest girl group

This concert film celebrating the K-pop group’s fifth anniversary is a heartwarming watch, but not essential viewing for anyone but super-fans

‘Free Guy’ review: Ryan Reynolds breaks out in riotous video game romp

The 'Deadpool' star borrows cleverly from 'The Truman Show' and 'Ready Player One'

‘The Suicide Squad’ review: a bold and boisterous reunion with DC’s best bad guys

James Gunn brings fun and silliness back into the DC universe with this full-throttle romp

‘Jungle Cruise’ film review: a classic summer blockbuster souped up for the modern age

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are the perfect pair to lead this rollercoaster of maximalist adventure