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‘Burden’ review: good intentions can’t save this clumsy KKK redemption drama

It means well, but Andrew Heckler's film about a Klansman who turns his back on hatred is totally artless

‘Inheritance’ review: ‘Room’ meets ‘Succession’ in a nonsensical trap door thriller

Count yourself lucky that cinemas aren't open for you to waste your money on this

‘Hamilton’ review: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s bold, brilliant and daring musical arrives online

If you missed out on West End tickets before lockdown, Disney+ has a streaming solution

‘The Booksellers’ review: a charming documentary about the simple joy of collecting stuff

If you've ever spent hours happily wandering through a book shop, then you'll love this

‘Irresistible’ review: satirical comedy drama sees Jon Stewart up to his old tricks

Steve Carell stars in the former 'Daily Show' host's first political comedy

‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga’ review: like ‘Glee’ on ketamine

Campy set pieces and dodgy accents in Will Ferrell's tone-deaf but enjoyable Europop romp

‘The Girl With A Bracelet’ review: a gripping French legal drama that warrants your attention

Do we really know the ones we love? St├ęphane Demoustier poses a difficult question in his tense courtroom mystery

‘Dads’ review: schmaltzy ode to fathers from mega-famous pops

Bryce Dallas Howard's sweet documentary doubles as a thank you to her old man

‘Wasp Network’ review: convoluted spy drama loses focus amid tangled plot

Netflix's international thriller deals in secrets, but the biggest mystery here is what's going on

‘Feel The Beat’ review: harmless, feelgood fluff for fans of ‘Step Up’

Netflix adds another teen drama that you'll forget as soon as the credits roll