And Just Like That...

‘And Just Like That…’ renewed for third season at HBO

The news comes ahead of season two's finale this week

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The ‘Sex And The City’ spin-off is back with more episodes than before

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A second season of the 'Sex And The City' spin-off is coming soon

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"And just like that, you slayed!"

‘And Just Like That’ season two “feels like iconic ‘Sex And The City’ episodes”

"What you’re seeing this season is all of these characters embracing life," said HBO Max executive Sarah Aubrey

Kim Cattrall’s character set to return for ‘And Just Like That’ season two

But will Samantha make an appearance beyond text messages?

‘And Just Like That’ renewed for season two

It's official

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**Spoilers for 'And Just Like That...' episodes one and two ahead**