Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad Lionel has died, aged 87

The father of the notorious serial killer previously said that he would "always stick by" his son

‘Dahmer’ scenes were edited to avoid creating sympathy for the serial killer

A scene in episode four originally “felt too heavy on their family dynamic”

‘You’ star Penn Badgley blames Netflix for fans’ love of serial killers

"That is squarely on the shoulders of Netflix"

Evan Peters’ ‘Dahmer’ Golden Globes win criticised by mother of serial killer’s victim

The mother of one of Dahmer's victims has spoken out

Ryan Murphy says Netflix was wrong to remove ‘Dahmer’ LGBT tag

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Jeffrey Dahmer series ‘Monster’ renewed for two more seasons

The news has already caused a backlash

eBay bans Jeffrey Dahmer costumes for violating sales policy

It won't be an option this Halloween

‘Dahmer’ crew member says show “one of the worst” she’s worked on as a person of colour

"Working on this took everything I had as I was treated horribly"