Donald Trump

Snoop Dogg calls out Donald Trump for “disrespecting every colour in the world”

"With that being said, the people that voted for him got exactly what they wanted."

Jim Carrey pens essay saying America “faces catastrophe” if Trump is reelected

The actor wrote an essay urging Americans to vote him out

Listen to ANOHNI’s new song ‘R.N.C. 2020’: “It’s me, screaming in the past, for the present”

‘R.N.C. 2020’ is inspired by the Republican National Convention that took place last week

Kanye West disputes claims Republicans are paying him to help Trump’s re-election

Speculation has suggested the rapper is running for US President to help take votes away from Joe Biden

Donald Trump wanted The Killers, Kiss, Celine Dion or Meatloaf to play his 2017 inauguration

The claim comes in a new book about First Lady Melania Trump.