James Corden

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The musician's album was described as "brilliant" by Corden

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"I was going to play that part, and Tom Ford was going to direct"

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World Cup fans have joked that the loser of England vs. USA must keep James Corden within their country forever. The two nations meet for...

James Corden accused of stealing Noel Fielding joke for ‘Late Late Show’ gag

It follows Corden's apology for copying Ricky Gervais' joke

Ricky Gervais deleted his James Corden tweet because he “felt sorry for him”

Corden claimed he "inadvertently" stole a joke from Gervais

James Corden says he told Ricky Gervais joke “inadvertently”

The late night host said that he delivered the lines "obviously not knowing" that they were taken from one of Gervais' Netflix specials