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Jonah Hill to stop promoting his films to protect his mental health

The actor says he’s suffered from anxiety attacks for nearly 20 years, “exacerbated by media appearances and public-facing events”

Kid Cudi reveals he had a stroke while in rehab in 2016: “Everything was fucked”

The condition caused issues with his speech and movement

KennyHoopla cancels autumn tour “to focus on myself and my mental health”

"I will be back soon – a stronger human and artist for myself and all of you"

Tom Holland announces social media break “for my mental health”

"Ultimately, it's very detrimental to my mental state, so I decided to take a step back and delete the app"

BIBI issues new statement clarifying tearful Instagram livestream: “My company is not starving me”

"It still breaks my heart to see comments and articles written about my company mistreating me. I'd like to clear it up once and for all – this is not true"

Shawn Mendes cancels remainder of his world tour due to mental health struggles

"It has become more clear that I need to take the time I’ve never taken personally, to ground myself and come back stronger"

Lil Wayne mourns police officer who saved his life after suicide attempt as a child

"[You] refused to let me die," the rapper wrote in a tribute to Robert Hoobler, who he affectionately referred to as Uncle Bob

BIBI apologises for making fans “concerned and worried” after tearful Instagram livestream

The singer-songwriter had said she was "exhausted" and unable to “eat and rest” in an impromptu livestream last week