Charlie Puth to perform metaverse gig using ‘Fortnite’

iHeartMedia’s iHeartLand was built using 'Fortnite' Creative and will host 20 major events in the next year

Mark Zuckerberg updates metaverse avatar after internet mockery

The original avatar design very quickly became a meme

Dev gatecrashes blockchain-sponsored festival to call out irrelevance of NFTs

The controversial presentation came at Brazil's International Games Festival

‘Dead Or Alive’ creator announces NFT-focused game studio with ‘Warrior’

Tomonobu Itagaki is currently working on a MMORPG named ‘Warrior’

Bastille talk their “surreal, otherworldly” ‘Give Me The Future’ digital experience

"Digital shows aren’t going anywhere and we wanted to to try and move them into a place where they're better and more inclusive"

Spotify hopes its ‘Roblox’ Island will “rival” real world events

"Platforms like 'Roblox' offer a look into the future of musical experiences for fans and artists alike"

‘Roblox’ launches Spotify Island with Stray Kids and Sunmi

K-Park is an "homage to all things K-Pop" and will launch this spring

Facebook’s VR metaverse development cost the company £2.3billion in three months

Meta's VR division made £553million - and lost £2.3billion - in the first quarter of 2022

Head of Games London says metaverse can’t be “designed by a bunch of white guys”

"The more diverse the workforce is, the more diverse those virtual worlds become"

Epic Games and the Lego group are developing a metaverse for kids

It's described as a "family-friendly digital experience"