Creator of five-year-old ‘Wordle’ app donates surprise proceeds to charity

The case of mistaken identity was resolved with a donation to a charity promoting literacy skills

Bandai Namco reveals 10 minutes of ‘Tales of Luminaria’ anime footage

The anime will weave together a massive 21 protagonists

‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ reveals what’s coming in ‘Season 1: Heist’ update

'Heist' will bring back a map from 'Black Ops 4' and put infamous 'Modern Warfare' villain Makarov back in the spotlight

‘Pandemic: The Board Game’ delisted from Steam and other versions to follow

The developer said in an email that this “has not been an easy choice”

‘PUBG’ developer Krafton is suing Apple and Google for distributing alleged clone

Krafton says both companies are responsible for selling a game they claim "blatantly" copies 'PUBG'

Russian mobile dev put colleague in its game as DLC to pay for their prosthetic arm

“A childhood dream come true, although I never thought it would come true in this way and after events like this”