‘HexTech Mayhem: A League Of Legends Story’ is an explosive rhythm runner

The game will eventually join Netflix's gaming library

Discord community boycotts platform over “disappointing” crypto integration

Users are cancelling their Discord Nitro subscriptions to protest potential NFT and cryptocurrency integration

‘Fortnite’ removes Travis Scott emote from store after festival tragedy

The emote has been removed after a tragedy at Scott's Astroworld festival

‘Genshin Impact’ may have beaten ‘Fortnite’ for most profitable first year

Estimations combined with official statements suggest a winner

‘Arcane’ adds cosmetics and new features to every Riot Games title

Players will be able to grab free skins, new game modes, and plenty more

Netflix Games app launches with two ‘Stranger Things’ titles

The app will include five games at launch

‘Pikmin Bloom’ releases in Europe including the UK

Promising potentially plucking perfect, purple Pikmin