New ‘Fallout: London’ trailer reveals release window for “DLC-sized” mod

The mod will contain new quests, characters, factions and more

‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’ fan remake will turn it into an open-world game

Interconnected maps, online play and better vehicle physics are all part of the remake

‘Dr. Mario’ gets a hellish health insurance makeover to protest American healthcare system

“Life gets harder with bad health insurance. So we felt the quickest way to communicate that idea was to make 'Dr. Mario' harder too”

‘Elden Ring’ randomiser mod can make every enemy Malenia

Enemies, items and boss item drops are all randomised in the mod

Mario is now in ‘Garry’s Mod’ with his entire ‘Super Mario 64’ move set

Players can triple jump, wall jump and wing cap their way around 'Garry's Mod' maps

‘Fallout: London’ to include music inspired by The Beatles and David Bowie

Around 45 original music tracks have been written for the expansive 'Fallout 4' mod

Ron Perlman’s agent turned down a ‘Fallout’ mod saying the project “couldn’t ever afford him”

Franchise veterans Ron Perlman and Liam Neeson were both contacted for the mod

‘Fallout: London’ mod challenges itself to adapt and improvise the series’ lore

“We want it to be like 'Fallout 4', but have some of the cherry picked best bits of 'New Vegas'”

‘Elden Ring’ legend Let Me Solo Her can now be summoned by a mod

Let Me Solo Her went viral after effortlessly defeating the boss Malenia