‘Super Mario 64’ modder spends weeks fixing the game’s source code

New code can help the game run up to six times faster

‘Skyrim’ overhaul mod ‘Skyblivion’ shares 15 minutes of new footage

The project aims to completely rebuild 'Oblivion'

‘Elden Ring’ mod adds unofficial photo mode

The mod is free until March 10

‘Cities: Skylines’ modder banned after discovery of major malware risk

A hidden auto-updater exposed over 35,000 people to malicious code, which was used to hamper performance, break rival mods, and identify other modders and Colossal Order employees

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ survival mod adds hunger, thirst and sleep mechanics

The mod is looking to add "more complex metabolism" as well

‘Dark Souls: Nightfall’ mod shows off footage ahead of upcoming demo

The mod was going to release before Elden Ring, but has been pushed back