Nintendo Switch

‘Return to Monkey Island’ features a cameo from Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann

'Return to Monkey Island' finally launched this week

‘MultiVersus’ will get Rick Sanchez “very soon”

A new trailer teasing Rick has been released

‘Minecraft’ teams up with ‘Frozen Planet’ to create educational worlds

Five free worlds will be launched, with the first live today (September 21)

‘Return To Monkey Island’ review: a monumental masterclass in metatextual mischief

Terrible Toybox shuns three-headed monkeys in this rare adventure in creative reckoning

3D Realms’ ‘WRATH: Aeon of Ruin’ to leave Early Access in 2023

The game is coming to PC and consoles in Spring of next year

‘Lego Bricktales’ gets October 12 release date

The diorama-based puzzle-platformer is launching later this year, from ClockStone and Thunderful Publishing

‘Rise of the Triad’ is getting a remaster next year

“It’s some kind of miracle to see a game Apogee made in the mid-’90s finding new life a generation later, in its best form yet."

‘Let’s Build A Zoo’ is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

The “DNA splicing” tycoon game is out on consoles September 29

‘Suikoden 1’ and ‘2’ are getting remastered for 2023

'Suikoden 1 & 2 HD' will feature new background features and a host of quality-of-life improvements, including auto-saves