Laufey’s album ‘Bewitched’ breaks records and makes history

Its lead single 'From The Start' is currently the most streamed jazz song in the world

Lynks shares vibrant new single ‘New Boyfriend’ and announces UK tour

"This song is about lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-adjusted couples turning into chaotic horny monsters the second they break up"

Nia Archives releases new single ‘Bad Gyalz’ and announces day rave

"Whenever I go to one of my shows, it’s like 85 per cent women age 18 -25 which is so amazing!"

Laufey announces new album ‘Bewitched’ with title track

“This is a love album, whether it be a love towards a friend or a lover or life”

Crowd stampede at Glorilla gig leaves one person dead and eight others injured

Glorilla said she was "praying everybody is ok" after she heard the news

Cassyette shares frenzied new song ‘BOOM’

"Experiencing extreme highs and lows can be so draining, so writing this felt like scratching an itch that can't be scratched"

CVC announce debut album ‘Get Real’, release single ‘Good Morning Vietnam’

“'Good Morning Vietnam' is about a time when everyone around us seemed to be wrapped up in Tinder and one-night stands"