Tabletop Gaming

‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ cast will play a “chaotic” ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ campaign this week

Amelia Tyler, who plays the narrator, is also involved in a secret role

‘The Witcher 4’ forces tabletop RPG to be placed on “disappointing” hiatus

It has proven "impossible" to work on both at the same time

Gen Con 2023 thieves stole £236,000 worth of TCG cards, claims report

Police are asking anyone who has information to get in contact

Paizo launches own Open Game License after ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ controversy

Wizards Of The Coast threatened to change a 20-year old document that 'Pathfinder' was built around

D&D content creators outraged over licensing changes, demand the game remain “open”

“Surely they *must* realize this is just going to horribly backfire. Right?”

‘Magic: The Gathering’ crossing over with ‘Fortnite’, ‘Street Fighter’, and more

The crossovers will appear in physical sets as well as digitally in 'MTG Online' and 'MTG Arena'