Video Game Culture

‘Genshin Impact’ set to receive 1.3 update in February

1.3 will see the introduction of Xiao, a new Anemo Polearm user

‘Resident Evil 4’ remake reportedly delayed and undergoing changes

The remake is potentially delayed until 2023

‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’ developer merging with Blizzard

Vicarious Visions, the developer of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is going to be merged with Blizzard Entertainment, and as such will...

Microsoft walk back Xbox Live Gold price changes

"we failed to meet the expectations of players"

Nintendo appears to leak new Switch game ahead of release

The leak was spotted on the Nintendo website

‘I Saw Black Clouds’ offers gamers new interactive thriller movie

"A branching narrative that drastically changes"

GAME to introduce measures to prevent PS5 scalpers

"PlayStation 5s continue to be in very high demand"