Xbox Series X|S

‘Elden Ring’ includes performance mode for Xbox Series X|S and PS5

The choice is yours, up to 60FPS, or up to 4K resolution?

Bloober Team and Rogue Games team up for “crazy, cool” next-gen game

It's being teased as an "unforgettable, original, kickass" game

‘Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy’ pays tribute to Stan Lee

"Many believe this mysterious being has had a profound impact on our galaxy"

‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ bayonet loadout dominates launch day

The new loadout rivals MW2’s Commando Pro Perk

‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ bug sees players spawn behind enemy lines

"It's somehow so bad, it doesn't even make me mad, I just laugh"

‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ players report weapon challenges are bugged

Players report the STG-44 is particularly buggy

‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’ will launch with DLSS

All you had to do was upscale the damn resolution