Watch: Pond reveal all about climate change-inspired, Kevin Parker-produced new album ‘Tasmania’

The band's Nick Albrook talks climate change, Kevin Parker collaborations, and new album 'Tasmania' in an interview with NME

According to Pond frontman Nick Albrook, the psych-pop band’s forthcoming album ‘Tasmania’ isn’t just an ode to the small island off the coast of Australia; it’s also filled with his dystopian dread about the effects of climate change and global warming.

Produced and mixed by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker – a long-time friend of Pond’s – ‘Tasmania’ unpicks what the increasingly uncertain future holds for the band’s home country. Glimmering with pre-apocalyptic anxiety, Albrook weighs up the benefits of shacking up in Tasmania with all his friends and family “before the ozone burns out”. Think along the lines of a cold pint in The Winchester, Shaun of the Dead style – but minus any optimism that the crisis will ever blow over.

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“Quite a while ago now, I was in Tasmania, and I got a bit pissed with this bloke who was involved in environmental science,” Nick explains, expanding on the starting threads of the band’s eighth album.

“He showed me this temperature projection of the next hundred years in Australia,’ Nick says, “and it basically just goes gradually more and more red and purple, and then into unliveable territory. The last inhabitable space is Tasmania”

“In Australia there have been fires. Adelaide had its hottest day ever – it was like, 47 degrees. Suddenly torrential rains and flooding. It’s actually real. You have to start looking for these spaces where you can escape,” he adds.

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In order to record ‘Tasmania’, the band also retreated to another musical utopia. “It’s home!” says Nick of Kevin Parker’s idyllic studio in Fremantle. “It used to be his house before it became his studio, so we’d all hang out there. It’s real close to the beach, real close to the local, real close to all our friends.”

“We’ve never had that ‘flying over to America’ thing, and rocking up at Steve Albini’s place and just seeing how it goes,” the frontman says of Pond’s long-standing friendship with Parker. As well as producing for the band, the Tame Impala ringleader was once Pond’s drummer. “It’s either doing it at home by ourselves, doing it with Kevin, or with another friend. We’ve also kept that personal connection, it’s super important.”


“Instead of gear, or reputation,” he adds, before catching himself and laughing. “Well, Kev’s got a pretty big reputation”

Pond’s new album ‘Tasmania’ is out on 1 March