Watch Asylums play ‘A Perfect Life In A Perfect World’, ‘Platitudes’ and ‘Dull Days’ for NME Home Sessions

The indie-rockers strip back songs from upcoming album ‘Genetic Cabaret’

Asylums‘ upcoming album, ‘Genetic Cabaret’, was written “during the most turbulent time I’ve ever experienced socially and politically in the UK,” vocalist and guitarist Luke Branch explains. Dropping this Friday (17 July), their third record is a whip-smart collection of hulking rock smashers.

Ahead of its release, Branch and Asylums guitarist Jazz Miell join us to share a few songs from ‘Genetic Cabaret’, performed exclusively for NME Home Sessions.

“Myself and Jazz had not seen each other in the flesh for 3 months. A week or so ago we met up in a park with our acoustic guitars and ran through a few songs and it felt so good to have that non verbal connection again through music. The next time we met up – still observing the social distancing rules – we recorded this session,” Branch says.


“All our songs take on a different feel when stripped down like this,” he adds, “we don’t do it often but it always feels special.”

Check out the video above to watch the full three-track session.

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Audio Recording: Rees Broomfield
Shot by: Andrew Delaney
Studio: SS2 Studios Southend