Black Honey’s Izzy Bee Phillips takes on ‘IT Chapter Two’ clown Pennywise

Formed in Brighton in 2014, indie quartet Black Honey know a fair bit about accessing the darker recesses of the soul. Last year’s self-titled debut album featured songs called icky things like I Only Hurt The Ones I Love, Bad Friends, Into The Nightmare, and best of all, a veritable swoon of a song called Sleep Forever, a song sort of akin to Nancy Sinatra fronting My Bloody Valentine as well as the sort of tune that can only be written by people who intrinsically understand pain and sadness.

Who better then than that band’s singer Izzy Phillips to take on an underground adventure to It Chapter Two’s Vaults Experience, a temporary structure built within the bowels of London’s Waterloo station that entices visitors in with promises of hotdogs, popcorn and fairground attractions – then goes to work at scaring the bejesus out of them by replicating several key scenes from the film. The answer is Marilyn Manson, obviously, but he was busy, so we took Izzy instead.

While we were there we managed to put some questions to Izzy – about clowns, about fear, about things that make her want to cry and call her mum. And yet, in Izzy, we also found a rockstar full of mettle, defiant of fear, the sort of person we’d like by our side should we form our own Losers’ Club. Here is what the singer said when we tried to claw our way into her blackened soul. “Okay then,” Izzy tells NME, “bring on the worst you’ve got…” And we did, don’t worry about that…



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