Watch Death From Above 1979 perform ‘One + One’ for NME Home Sessions

For the latest in NME Home Sessions we’re joined by Death From Above 1979, who put on a killer performance of ‘One + One’.

Fresh from releasing their fourth album, ‘Is 4 Lovers’ back in March, the duo – made up of drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger and bassist Jesse Keeler – share a blistering rendition of ‘One + One’.

‘One + One’ is a love song,” Grainger has explained of the song, revealing that it acts as the “karmic sequel” to their 2004 debut single ‘Romantic Rights’.


“My wife Eva became pregnant not long after we started working on the song and after hearing an early version she said: ‘I wish this song was dancier’. So I went back into the studio and re-worked the drums,” Grainger adds. “As the record was taking shape, every time I would come home from the studio the baby would start dancing in Eva’s belly. Even before I walked in the room the party would start. One plus one is three, that’s magic!”

You can watch Death From Above 1979’s searing performance of ‘One + One’ in full above.

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