Band vs Band: Deftones vs AFI

We asked rock veterans Chino Moreno and Davey Havok about how they met, The Cure, and the music they love

When Deftones and AFI announced a joint tour together earlier this year, it was the billing that so many had been dreaming of. Frontmen of two of the most powerful and provocative bands in rock, their influence has been massive and their mark indelible. But have you ever wondered what Chino Moreno and Davey Havok have in common?

Well, quite a lot it seems. We sat them both down to find out when they first met, and what mutual loves they share.

“The first time I remember seeing you, I was at The Standard on Sunset and I was there recording some Team Sleep stuff a long time ago,” Moreno told Havok. “I was going into the elevator and you were like ‘hey, my name’s Davey.”


At which, Havok insists “I was fanning on him for sure”.

“Well, maybe,” replies Moreno. “But you were just super friendly. I was like ‘oh awesome’. I think that time was right around the of maybe ‘Miss Murder’ and your presence was pretty big on TV and stuff like that.”

From there, the rest is history. Watch our video interview with Moreno and Havok above as they discuss hanging out, the first record they ever bought, their love of music TV, why The Cure are so special, and much, much more.

Meanwhile, Moreno also told NME about Deftones’ plans for their next album.

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