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Love him or hate him, everyone seems to have an opinion on DJ Plugsy, the helmet-headed EDM bro and British answer to Marshmello and Deadmaus.

DJ Plugsy, back when pubs were a thing (Ben Bentley/NME)


This time last year, the mysterious DJ – he doesn’t reveal his real name – looked set to take on the world with his drop-tastic dance music and a packed summer schedule of festivals, raves and club sets following the release of his 2019 debut album ‘Three Pronged Attack’, which consolidated the success of early EPs ‘Volting Ambition’ and follow-up ‘Ample’ EP.

Instead, the pandemic broke out, the world closed up and Plugsy found himself rattling around his home trying his best to recapture what he insists on calling his “vida loca”.

Back in January, NME agreed to produce a documentary series on Plugsy’s breakthrough year. Instead, something very different began to take shape – a fly-on-the-wall, often self-shot piece capturing the absurdity of life as a DJ in lockdown with a big three-pin-plug helmet. We call it DJ Plugsy: Locked Down, Plugged In.


No stranger to controversy, Plugsy says he hopes the series will help his many critics see the human being behind the flex. “I don’t mean to sound wet,” he tells NME, “Because we all know water and electricity don’t mix. But I think it’s good that people can see that DJs with helmets on are people too, you know? It’s not all Henny and USB sticks, you know.”

Plugsy’s main coping mechanism was to throw himself into his work. When he wasn’t working on forthcoming second album ‘Socket 2 Me’, a conceptual piece about the nature of sound itself, Plugsy spent much of the year broadcasting to fans, even performing soundless “Plugsy Unplugged” sessions.

DJ Plugsy interview: grounded – what’s it like for an EDM DJ in lockdown?

He also now credits video game Fuser with giving him a sense of hope back, believing that its recreation of the dance festival experience is so realistic, it could be considered therapy for people in his position. “It’s not egotistical to want to stand on a stage and have people you’ve never met scream your name,” he says. “It’s just science.”

With that in mind, Plugsy is throwing his weight behind A Stocking For A Jockey, his own online fundraiser aimed at raising enough funds to buy every masked DJ a copy of Fuser and a PS5 Photograph this Christmas.

A documentary in three parts, you can watch the entire series of DJ Plugsy: Locked Down, Plugged In right here, right now.