Eats & Beats: Lady Leshurr Taste Tests Salmon

Lady Leshurr takes the NME taste test with the finest smoked salmon the UK high street has to offer.

Lady Leshurr’s one true love is smoked salmon. Seriously. “I love the feel of it, it’s squidgy and soft and slimy,” she explains. “It makes me happy. I wake up really angry or moody, but then I go in the fridge and find the salmon and get excited!” So we decided to get her into the NME office and use her fish friendly palette to find out which high street salmon is the most delish.

The Boring One

Brand: M&S

Texture: “It was a little bit dry, actually.”


Taste: “It’s meant to be very sweet and smoky… but I feel like it wasn’t sweet. And I don’t think it was smoky.”

Salmo-meter rating: 3/5

Price: £4.75

The Well Yummy One

Brand: Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference

Texture: “It was very thin. It feels delicious in my mouth.”

Taste: “Amazing. It’s rich, it’s smoky. You could have it alone – eating that on it’s own was amazing.”


Salmo-meter rating: 5/5

Price: £3.50

The Rough One

Brand: Co-op

Texture: “It felt thick in my mouth, it felt a bit rough as well, and I don’t really like rough things on my tastebuds.”

Taste: “It’s beech and oak smoked – but I can’t taste and beech and oak, I don’t know if I’m meant to taste a bit of wood?”

Salmo-meter rating: 2/5

Price: £4.79

The Disappointing One

Brand: Tesco

Texture: “It was a nice texture, I’m not going to lie, it was slimy.”

Taste: “I’m really disappointed. It didn’t live up to the name of smoked salmon. Tescos, you need to go back to the drawing board.”

Salmo-meter rating: 2.5/5

Price: £4

The Very Best One

Brand: Waitrose

Texture: “Very juicy and soft and squidgy.”

Taste: “It’s like a firework in the mouth! It’s amazing. But you need to change the presentation of it because it don’t look attractive.”

Salmo-meter rating: 6/5

Price: £3.49

Why Lady Leshurr loves salmon

“My first salmon experience was in Costa Coffee. They had a smoked salmon bagel and I just loved how it felt in my mouth! It was amazing from then I just kept on going into Costa and getting a hot chocolate and a smoked salmon bagel – it started to become a thing. I didn’t know they did packets of salmon, so when I saw it in the shops I was like ‘oh my gosh, I can make my own bagels!’ Once I had 20 packs of salmon in my fridge.”

And her fave way to eat it

“My favourite way to eat salmon is so basic. I’ll just take it out of the pack, cut it up into little pieces, get some salad, get some salt and pepper and some olive oil and that’s it, I’m done!”