Inspired by new heist movie ‘Ambulance’, here’s our ultimate car chase getaway playlist

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Michael Bay’s new thriller Ambulance, in cinemas now, stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal as two adoptive brothers whose bank job goes awry when a cop gets shot. Eiza Gonzalez is the paramedic trying to keep the cop alive while being held hostage by the two of them as they hijack an ambulance as a getaway vehicle – all while the LAPD is hot on their tail.

Naturally, that got us thinking – what would you stick on the stereo if you were being chased at breakneck speed through the streets of Los Angeles? So here it is, our Ambulance-inspired car chase playlist.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Born To Run’


There’s only one way to attempt an escape – with righteous indignation. Bruce cornered the market in that feeling, not least with this rolling freeway romance.


Yello – ‘The Race’

Swiss electronic duo Yello had an unlikely hit with this brass-filled instrumental, which aims to capture the feel of motor racing in it’s urgent sound.

Electric Six – ‘Danger! High Voltage’

These Jack White-affiliated Detroit oddballs had a huge hit with ‘Gay Bar’, but it’s their 2003 debut single that hits the right pace and tone for a chase.


Eminem – ‘Lose Yourself’

The ultimate pump-yourself-up song?

Giorgio Moroder – ‘Chase’

Cheating a bit, because it was written for a chase sequence in prison drama Midnight Express? Maybe – but Italodisco Godhead Moroder sure met the brief with this synth-pop instrumental.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Zero’

A throbbing electro-disco-sleaze-punk track from the New York trio, this can’t help but raise the heart rate.

New Order – ‘Thieves Like Us’

You’re going to want to keep your morale up and this dreamy you-and-me-versus-the-world track has both the pelt and the pathos to pep up the getaway driver.

Fleetwood Mac – ‘The Chain’

For many of us, it’s the sound of Formula 1 in our childhoods. For those who don’t remember, this is one for punching away from the lights like your life depends on it.

Lady Gaga – ‘Born This Way’

At some point in this chase, you may find yourself questioning the actions that got you into a car chase in the first place. Then this song comes on and you remember you’re a born badass.

Jimi Hendrix – ‘All Along The Watchtower’

You know the one – any movie or TV show picturing a helicopter escaping Saigon uses it. Makes any situation epic, courtesy Jim’s howling guitar.

Good Charlotte – ‘Girls & Boys’

The spiky-haired pop punk heartthrob Madden Brothers might have hit on something with this song’s theory, “girls don’t like guys girls like cars and money,” because they’re happily wedded to Nicole Ritchie (Joel) and Cameron Diaz (Benji).

N.W.A. – ‘Fuck Tha Police’

Born of the same LA streets as Ambulance, Dr Dre’s crew here voiced a sentiment being felt by many of their fellow Compton residents.

Slipknot – ‘Unsainted’

You’ll need to pretty serious metal to keep the adrenaline up. We recommend the standout track from the last album by the mighty ‘Knot.

The Adventures of Stevie V – ‘Dirty Cash (Money Talks)’

A 1990s dancefloor banger and a reminder you have holdalls stuffed with the stuff in the boot.

Electronic – Getting Away With It

“I’ve been getting away with it all my life,” says this single from supergroup Electronic, which comprised Joy Division’s Bernard Sumner and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, here joined by Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant.

Jane Wieldin – ‘Rush Hour’

Both a brilliant power-pop single by the former The Go-Gos member and a timely reminder to avoid traffic hotspots.

Hocus Pocus by Focus

The fact that the Dutch group’s flute player and guitarist co-wrote this 1973 track goes some way to explaining its sound – it’s a bonkers rock symphony with tumbling melodies and even a spot of yodelling. And thanks to the film Baby Driver, which used it on the soundtrack, it’s a proven, if oddball, car-chase banger.

Christopher Cross – ‘Sailing’

Yes, yacht-rock balladry has a place in a car chase too – albeit with a very specific purpose. This Radio 2 favourite actually features in the film when Jake and Yahya sing along to try and calm down among the life-and-death carnage.

The Primitives – ‘Crash’

The jangliest of jangle-pop sounds and another message to heed: “Here you go, way too fast, if you don’t slow down you’re going to crash.”

Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean?

The moment Oasis’s ambition met their studio budget following the success of ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)’. Are those helicopters on the track or are the hovering above you?

Ambulance is in cinemas now – be sure to book your tickets