In conversation with Simon Pegg

It's a big ol' sit down chat with the co-star of Mission: Impossible Fallout

We know you want another series of Spaced. That was the overwhelming response when we put out a call on NME’s Twitter for questions for the writer/actor/national treasure a couple of weeks ago. Simon Pegg knows you want another series of Spaced. Will he do one? Will he heck as like.

Not when he’s got this much on his plate: promoting Mission: Impossible Fallout (in cinemas July 24), producing Truth Seekers, his new TV series with Nick Frost under the umbrella of their Stolen Picture company, preparing for the release of ‘Lost Transmissions’, his film about mental health and the music industry, appearing in every geek-beloved film and TV franchise ever except the MCU (Star Trek: tick, Star Wars: tick, Doctor Who: tick), playing with action figures of himself and acquiring burns from disco bouncy castles.


Pegg dodged the heatwave on July 2 to join NME in an oddly botany-themed meeting room in a central London hotel to talk about all the above plus much, much more. How much more? This much: Henry Cavill’s moustache! Performing his own stunts! Driving speedboats! Being mistaken for Michael Sheen! How to tell him and Michael Sheen apart! Why your body hair stops growing when it gets to a certain length! Marvel films! Working with Rick Mayall! His excellent music taste!

So sit back, grab yourself a Cornetto, hit play and enjoy 34 minutes of pure Pegg magic with occasional interruptions from the interviewer and only one advert. Press play. Above. The button is above. That’s the one.