Soundtrack Of My Life: Denise Richards

Legendary Bond Girl, former neighbour of Slash

The first song I remember hearing

Bob Seger – ‘Turn The Page’

“I remember being at home while my parents were playing it. They were big Bob Seger fans. Back then, there were only records, or vinyls as everyone calls them now. You would have to hear the whole album, it wasn’t like you could skip between different songs!”

The first song I fell in love with


John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – ‘You’re The One That I Want’

Grease and Saturday Night Fever were big movies in our house, but especially Grease. There’s not one bad song on the soundtrack. ‘Summer Nights’ is great but I liked the last song more, where they’re at the carnival. The message of that song is quite questionable. I don’t know if they would make it today…”

The first gig I went to

Guns N’ Roses in San Diego, 1988

“It was my junior or senior year of high school. My high school boyfriend loved Guns N’ Roses. It was the Appetite For Destruction tour. I wore a GNR t-shirt and jeans. Slash at one time lived across the street from me. He was so nice. He’s sober and so there weren’t any crazy parties. He had kids! He was always talking to my nephew who was struggling with addiction to drugs similar to those Slash has been open about struggling with. He was really helpful.”

The song I do at karaoke


Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder – ‘Ebony and Ivory’

“I do not do karaoke. I’m the worst singer. I’ve had to sing in films before, like Undercover Brother – and it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever had to do. You just have to get through it. Sometimes there’s that one scene in a project where you’re like ‘oh I’m so nervous about this’ and that was the scene for me. I had to do ‘Ebony and Ivory’. It did help that I wasn’t alone.”

The song I wish I’d written

Adele – ‘Rolling In The Deep’

“That is one of my favourite songs. I first discovered it on a TV show. You Brits have a lot of amazing artists. It’s interesting that you don’t hear the beautiful British accent when they sing though. I hope I run into Adele, I’m a huge fan.”

The song I can’t get out of my head

Sir Mix-A-Lot – ‘Baby Got Back’

“My daughter loves this song, she giggles so hard listening to it. She found it on my iPad. She won’t be singing those lyrics. I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned this but whatever.”

The song that makes me want to dance

ABBA – ‘Dancing Queen’

“You can’t NOT dance to that song.”

The band that remind me of ‘The World Is Not Enough’


“I’m a huge fan and just realised I didn’t mention any U2 songs yet! I met all of them and they were so nice. When I was doing a lot of stuff with Bond we were in London a lot and I’d been to Ireland a few times too. I believe I met them at an MTV Awards. And then I met them somewhere in LA after that. They are so friendly off the stage.”

The song I want played at my funeral

Led Zeppelin – “Stairway To Heaven’

“Everyone that knows me knows that I love classic rock. Whoever plans my funeral can decide how it’s played. Maybe classically with no lyrics.”

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