Indie games you should check out this week: 12 – 18 April

Looking for a new game to play? Here are the top indie releases you should check out this week

The bank holidays are a distant memory now, and all that remains of Easter is the chocolate dust scattered around the house in the strangest places. The good news is that despite the fact that we’re a ways off of more bank holidays, we’ve still got just so many games that are worth looking into, and the best part about that is that we’ve decided to list another three that you absolutely need to keep an eye on.

This week we’ve got three incredibly different games to talk about, and all of them look pretty great. Our first game has you playing as a mischievous cloud who only wants to watch the world burn (get rained on). Game the second is all about taking out gods, which is fairly standard in games these days, but no less satisfying than it was many years ago. Finally, we’ve got a new entry in an incredible series which you absolutely have to check out. So, let’s get involved with this week’s picks.

Rain On Your Parade

There’s a cool new genre emerging of games where you get to be something cute and then go around causing as much chaos as possible. It’s a nice trend, because the world can often be a little irksome (to say the least), so being able to blow off steam digitally can be a huge boon to one’s general wellbeing. Well, while one of the standouts in this genre might be about a Goose, this time around, you get to control a cute little cardboard cloud.


In Rain On Your Parade, you get to travel the globe and find ways to wreak havoc on everything around you. You can make it rain, create thunder, and drop snow all over things. Not only that, but you’ll unlock new abilities as you get further into the game to gain even more chaotic powers. Plus, in the name of customisation, you can draw a face on your cloud and even give it a fancy hat, which is nice.

‘Rain On Your Parade’ is now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.


It’s hard not to love a good twin-stick shooter because there’s just something incredibly satisfying about the absurd levels of firepower and the sheer joy of becoming an unstoppable turret of pain. Godstrike looks to be a particularly satisfying one because it’s all about boss rushing, and that means a constant stream of incomparable and epic battles that could shake the foundations of the world itself.

As you beat more bosses, you’ll unlock more skills, and these will allow you to then customise your hero and find new ways to take out the massive enemies you’re going to be facing. It’s an interesting enough take on an exciting genre, and it’s boosted immensely by the fact that it looks absolutely incredible, and it features Twitch compatibility for those who like to stream. Also, and this is key, there’s a rogue-lite mode, and that’s awesome to see.

‘Godstrike’ is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Emily Is Away <3

Our final choice is the third game in an excellent series about the olden days of social media. If you’ve never heard of Emily Is Away, then you’ll be happy to know that you can actually play the first game for free, so you can always check that out first to see if you like the ideas in it. The aim of these games is to tell a story using branching narratives based on how you talk to the people in the world. The first two were based on AIM, but Emily Is Away <3 has you using a new kind of social media called facenook.


You’ll once again be making your way through a story, but this time around, you’ll get to customise your facenook profile, send friend requests, and try and guide your character through their senior year. There are many people who want to relive their own high school lives, but maybe having a go at someone else’s will be a lot of fun. One thing is fairly certain though, it’ll be an intoxicating story from start to finish, and you can expect it to play your heartstrings like a harp. There’s even a good reason to play through a few times too, because there are loads of conversations to have, and multiple endings to boot.

‘Emily Is Away <3’ is now available on Mac and PC.


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