Indie games you should check out this week: November 2-8

Looking for a new game to play? Here are the top indie releases you should check out this week

It’s officially November, which means we’re just weeks away from 2021, and hopefully a slightly more positive year lies ahead of us. But if all else fails, there are always video games, right? In fact, there are always far too many video games and trying to keep up with them is nigh on impossible.

Thankfully, you’ve got us. This week we’ve rounded up three new – and slightly bizarre – games to pay attention to, including one that involves animals and a spiritual successor to Sega’s Jet Set Radio. Now, let’s get into it.

Chicken Police

Topping this week’s list for pure absurdity is none other than Chicken Police, a buddy-cop noir adventure where everyone in the world is some sort of human-animal hybrid..


You take control of a pair of, well, chicken cops, who used to be the best of the best, but that was a long time ago. Their last case together had gone incredibly awry and it put their once-perfect partnership to an end. As a result, one of them is a bit of a mess, while the other is still resting on their laurels.

Well, now fate has thrown them back together for another case, and this one trumps everything else they’ve ever seen. You’ll have to make your way through this old-school style adventure game, talk to everyone you meet, collect clues, and eventually solve the strangest crime you’ll ever encounter

Chicken Police is out November 5 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and Mac.


Up next is Kosmokrats, a game that lets you take control of a zero-gravity utopia. At its core, it’s a management sim, albeit one with an unusual art style and a rather niche setting. You’ll have to guide this utopia as you see fit – sometimes that’ll mean guiding it into a socialist haven, and other times you’ll end up drunk with power and kind of ruin everything for everybody else.

You’ll need to bring your best into every attempt at the game, and no two games will go the same way thanks to the absurd amount of options on offer. It’s definitely designed to be a little more comedic too, so you can expect to find yourself laughing a lot more than you would while playing something like Frostpunk.

And another fun fact? Bill Nighy is the narrator. Having him lend his sizable vocal talents to anything at all lends it a lot of gravitas. It might not be enough of a reason to buy Kosmokrats on its own, but given how entertaining the rest of the game looks, it’s certainly a nice bonus.

Kosmokrats is out November 5 for PC.

Umurangi Generation Macro


Umurangi Generation was released back in May, but the new DLC, Macro, arrives this week. The first-person photography game is set in Tauranga Aotearoa, where you play as a courier who gets to journey around this unusual place, taking photos as you make your deliveries.

It’s not just the way you interact with the world that makes it special though, everything about the game feels hand-crafted to give you the chance to truly immerse yourself in this surreal universe. Not only that, but the creative control it offers you is unparalleled. If you’re the kind of person who spends hours and hours in a photo mode, then you need to check this out.

The Macro DLC adds even more options, such as new lenses and new form factors, as well as a new location. You’ll have more chances to find your creative streak and dive deep into everything you could ever want about photography. It’s a stunning game, and we fully expect this DLC to help cement it as a classic.

Umurangi Generation Macro is out November 7 for PC.


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