Indie games you should check out this week: October 19-25

Looking for a new game to play? Here are the top indie releases you should check out this week

Are you lamenting the loss of a traditional Halloween this year? If you are, don’t worry. We thought we’d take you through some of the excellent new indie games to distract you.

This week we’ve got a game all about shaping the Earth, one about moving through time to help people, and one about slashing up some angels. It’s a weird mix, sure, but they each look incredible in their own way, with some truly beautiful art styles on display. No matter what you’re looking for, there should be something here for you – so let’s get onto the list.

Tenderfoot Tactics

Kicking off this week’s list is Tenderfoot Tactics. You take control of a group of goblins who are trying to find a way to destroy the Fog – a terrible spirit that’s been eating through the world and leaving it barren.


Having goblins as the heroes of the story, rather than the baddies or the fodder, is a unique selling point on its own. It also helps that the combat looks incredible too. You’ll not only get to cast spells and hit things, but you’ll be able to actually change the geography of the battlefield by opening up chasms, creating small mountains or even boil lakes into nothingness.

Tenderfoot Tactics seems like one of those games that might be Game Of The Year material without anybody realising it. That’s why we think it’s so worth talking about here.

Tenderfoot Tactics is out October 21 on PC.

LOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories

Rocketship Park’s new title features deeply moving stories wrapped up in puzzle mechanics. Instead of fighting bosses, you have to figure out a puzzle, and that looks to be the case with LOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories. This is a game where you get to meet the people who live in the same apartment building as you and find out all about them.

You’ll not only get to meet these people and learn their deepest secrets, but you’ll see what defined them in the past, interact with that and maybe improve who they are in the present. It’s a fascinating idea, and it looks absolutely lovely.

LOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories is out October 21 on PC and Mac.

Fallen Angel


If you enjoyed Hyper Light Drifter, Stardew Valley and Terraria, here’s another pixel art game to add to the list. In Fallen Angel, you are The Fallen Oneventuring through different realms to take down the angelic armies that stand in your way. But angels aren’t the only creatures you’ll face – expect far more menacing things ahead.

The combat looks to be absurdly high-paced, and it’s sure to appeal to those who enjoy games like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. Better yet, the bosses look incredibly hard, so be ready to master the game’s move sets and RPG mechanics.

Fallen Angel is out October 22 for PC.


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