Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck on why he’s a ‘Call of Duty’ megafan

The Bullet For My Valentine frontman talks about his love of Call of Duty and how he gets heavily into games while on tour

“There’s not one specific reason that I love it, I think I’ve just always loved Call of Duty’s vibe and the familiarity. It’s the way I can feel like I’m at home while sat in a dressing room in Mexico City,” says Matt Tuck.

The Bullet For My Valentine frontman is in a green-hued basement to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in a secret tournament against celebrities like YouTuber Chunkz, England footballers Fran Kirby and Jordan Pickford and rapper / food aficionado Big Zuu.

Tuck is a long-time Call of Duty fan, and has described it as the perfect way to pass the time on tour. “I get heavy into Call of Duty when I’m on tour, and I’ve just got all that time to kill. On tour I don’t have to feel guilty about sitting on it for six hours, you know?”

“When I’m home, I have a kid and I just had my second child five weeks ago, so I want to immerse myself in that side of my life,” says Tuck. “I sacrifice so much to be away on tour so much, so I like to dedicate myself to my family and be a dad and a husband so I don’t really game that much at home.”


Tuck grins. “But when I’m on tour, I’m like a maniac.”

While Tuck says he has a full console set-up at his house, most of his gaming is done with the help of a huge flight case that the band invested in after getting to a “certain size”, which functioned as a portable gaming setup, letting them play wherever they were.

“As soon as we invested in that and took it on the road, it was just like a breath of fresh air. You know, just past the time. It brought everyone together, band and crew, at times where you just kind of sit there just scrolling through your phone. It was just good vibes and passed the time for everyone together,” adds Tuck.

For Tuck though, it started a personal journey to the top of the leaderboards. Tuck describes the moment that he started winning free-for-all matches consistently as a “real buzz.” Mentioning that it was the result of “months and months of hard work, persistence, frustration and rage quits.”

Tuck has been digging into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, playing the multiplayer for the first time before chatting to us. “I’m getting my ass handed to me already by the guys online,” admits Tuck. “But otherwise I think the game has made a lot of little tweaks to make it feel better to play, while still feeling like it’s business as usual. I think that’s a big compliment.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out now.


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