Every ‘Fall Guys’ minigame ranked in order of greatness

From breaking through doors to balancing on seesaws, here are all the minigames in ‘Fall Guys’ ranked from worst to best

The hype train for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Mediatonic’s new Takeshi’s Castle-inspired battle royale, keeps steaming ahead, with the game’s developers recently anointing The Fallen One and introducing a number of welcome changes based on player feedback. The developer has also removed back-to-back team games and lowered the round timer to 1:30 for Royal Fumble and Team Tail Tag in a new update.

In the wake of these important changes, we thought it’d be a good time to pin down our official ranking of every Fall Guys minigame.

23. Jinxed

Grafting the Infection mechanic from Halo into Fall Guys strips out all of the nuances due to how utterly manic the game is, and nothing hurts more than watching one player ruin it for the rest of the team.

22. Tail Tag/Team Tail Tag

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Tail Tag. Credit: Mediatonic


Round timer changes aside, the Tail Tag games still summon the groan heard around the world when they appear in the cycle due to the unpredictable grab mechanic and potential for a major upset.

21. Royal Fumble

This is Tail Tag at its most pure, but ending on a game mode that requires too much luck and little skill is a recipe for heartbreak – plus, the map is too predictable.

20. Fruit Chute

Putting a wooden log as an obstacle in a minigame called Fruit Chute is an affront to God. I thought it was at the very least a cinnamon stick. How could you betray me like this, Fall Guys? Just run up the sides and get lucky…

19. Fall Mountain

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Mountain Credit: Mediatonic

I’ve never won on Fall Mountain. Who likes ending on a straightforward race anyway? Sorry, I think I’m just bitter about this one.

18. Perfect Match

The only fun aspect of Perfect Match is grabbing and pushing AFK players off the side. It is so boring that it turns me into a bully, but I’ll admit it is funny when you forget what fruit you’re standing on.

17. Rock ’n’ Roll

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Rock ‘N’ Roll. Credit: Mediatonic

Rock ’n’ Roll gets style points for developing a sinister ball-huddling metagame, but it’s so unpredictable and reliant on communication and teamwork that you can’t trust in your own abilities when you see it pop up in the cycle.

16. Hoopsie Daisy


Diving through hoops is a good laugh, but point allocation can be unusual at times, leading to frustration. No matter how much you declare in exasperation that you were “the first to make it through”, sometimes the game has other ideas. Hard lines!

15. Block Party

Exploits aside, Block Party doesn’t rank too highly in my book because it doesn’t do a great job of getting rid of players. The only way you can lose is if you get caught in the crush of players, lose control due to the physics and die feeling short-changed.

14. Roll Out

Roll Out is paradise for evil griefers, but it’s also just a slightly better version of Block Party. Players with slick movement often do well here as it does a good job of thinning out the herd.

13. Fall Ball

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Ball. Credit: Mediatonic

This budget version of Rocket League is wonderful fun when you’re winning, but given how quick balls spawn between goals and how easily one half-way line tap can score, there’s no real catch-up mechanics if you’re getting dominated, and most players quit before the end.

12. Hoarders

Just like any other team game, this one gets annoying when your team won’t work well together, but Hoarders thrives due to its manic unpredictability. Dynasties can crumble in seconds due to the physics of those pesky balls, and losing in such flabbergasting fashion is, at the very least, extremely funny.

11. Gate Crash

That final slide and dive into oblivion at the end of Gate Crash perfectly encapsulates the Fall Guys fun factor. No race map has a better ending. That jump can slay kings and knight underdogs.

10. Dizzy Heights

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Dizzy Heights. Credit: Mediatonic

If Fall Guys minigames were movies, then Dizzy Heights is the psychological thriller. The rolling ball section is designed so well that it manages to convince players that they might be able to nip past it every time they play, and that jump between sections at the end is capable of tricking even the most bullish of veteran players. Hats off.

9. See Saw

See Saw is great because of how it makes you lose faith in humanity. A study on groupthink, the balancing minigame is a virtual representation of what happens when groups of idiots throw weight behind a bad idea.

8. Jump Club/Showdown

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Jump Club. Credit: Mediatonic

There can be no complaints when you see Jump Club or Jump Showdown in the pool. This game is simply designed and perfect for weeding out the chumps – an absolute survival of the fittest.

7. Hit Parade

Everybody thinks they know Hit Parade, but its beauty is held in how it can humble even the most confident of Fall Guys. Absolutely everything can and will go wrong – so every run is interesting.

6. Egg Scramble

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Egg Scramble. Credit: Mediatonic

Unequivocally the king of Fall Guys team games, this hilarious section turns me into a drill sergeant as soon as it starts because I won’t let up until my team is the victor. Egg Scramble has incredible metagame mechanics too, such as splitting teams into goalies and thieves, teaming up with an enemy team to oust another and the (foolish) focus on gold eggs. One at a time, padawan!

5. Door Dash

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Door Dash. Credit: Mediatonic

Never has a game made me feel more like a pioneer than when I tossmy cranium through the correct doorway in Door Dash. This game separates those with ambition and confidence from the sheep who hesitate… Fly, you fool, and even if you fail, you will be eliminated and venerated as a hero who charted the path to glory for your fellow Fall Guy.

4. The Whirlygig

Getting absolutely battered by a plush bar has never been more fun than in The Whirlygig, the racing minigame that uses propellers and the inevitable flow of time to undo the victory path of prospecting crown-bearers. It’s an existential endurance test that rewards those courageous enough to brave the middle path and face the evil ‘boss propellor.’

3. Tip Toe

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Tip Toe. Credit: Mediatonic

Fortune favours the bold, so seeing Tip Toe in the pool can make any player anxious. Whether you stand on the shoulders of giants to make it to the finish line or discover the secret path on your lonesome, this game is always a rollercoaster of emotions.

2. Slime Climb

By taking the stabilisers off of the Fall Guys experience and letting players fall into the match-ending muck, Slime Climb is undoubtedly the most skill-based platforming game in the pool that rewards clever use of momentum and tenacity. If you manage to get to the end early, it’s also the best game for thinning out the herd with vicious grab tactics.

1. Hex-A-Gone

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Hex-A-Gone. Credit: Mediatonic

Who among us is not filled with adrenaline when they see Hex-A-Gone appear at the end of a hard-fought game of Fall Guys? This exquisitely designed minigame is unmatched by its peers and can be won by any player, whether they stay up top and delay their jumps or brave the lowest rung of the strata, undermining the competition from below.


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