Get yourself a brew, it’s the NME crossword: week five

Remember the old NME crossword from the magazine? Well, we've resurrected it and you can find a brand new one here every week. To make you feel all nostalgic - and because nobody would build us a clever internett-y crossword thing - you'll have to print it, but that's fine isn't it? It means you can do it in your favourite chair. Or on the loo. Or down the boozer. Or wherever you bloody well like. Compiled, as ever, by Mr Trevor Hungerford


Here are the answers to week four’s crossword:



1+9A That’s When I Feel It, 6 Giant, 10 Waiting, 11 Chinatown, 12 Go Now, 14+28A A Day In The Life, 15 Hell, 16 Aswad, 18 McFly, 21 Karma, 23 Mods, 24 Notting, 25 Lydia, 27 Moose,

30+31A Nasty Girl.


1 This Charming Man, 3 Selway, 4 Hot Love, 5 New England, 6 Going Back, 7 As Is Now, 8 Tug, 13+2D Wide Awake In America, 17 My Life, 19 Fat Boys, 20+32A I’m Going Down, 22 Red,

25 Lies, 26 Star, 29 Ivo.