CJ Wallace, Mist, Charlie Sloth and Nana Rogues talk new film KICKS and Notorious BIG’s legacy

CJ Wallace, son of 'The Notorious B.I.G' joins Charlie Sloth, Rapper 'Mist' and Producer Nana Rogues to talk about music and trainers in the run up to the release of his CJ Wallace's new film 'Kicks'. Watch the video above.

CJ Wallace’s top 3 trainers

Nike Air – Jordan 6
“Jordans are a staple in African-American culture since Michael Jordan wore 
the first ones. I like the bulkiness of the 6. I like that they’re high-tops – they go above the ankles. They 
almost look intimidating.”
Buy some: £160, store.nike.com

Nike Air – Jordan 7
“They’re a little more sleek, almost classy. It’s crazy 
that these are basketball shoes because they look 
so heavy, but they’re pretty comfortable when you wear them on the courts.”
Buy some: £160, 

“They’re real lightweight. 
I use them for working out 
in the gym; I’ve just got the all-white ones. They’re really 
nice. Adidas is killing it.”
Buy some: £130, 


‘Kicks’ is available on digital download now.

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