Just in time for the weekend, it’s the legendary NME crossword

Remember the old NME crossword we had in the magazine? Well we've brought it back! So now every Friday you can test your musical knowledge and feel all nostalgic. Compiled each week by Trevor Hungerford, it's time to put the kettle on and flex your crossword skills.

NME crossword week 13

Here are the answers to week ten’s crossword:


1+4A End Of Suffering, 9 Amo, 10 Jesus, 11 Never Stop, 12+4D Your Song, 14 Rihanna, 16 Rope, 18 Hybrid, 19+28D+24D The Sound Of The Suburbs, 22 L.A., 23 Space, 24 Save Me, 26 You,  27 Loop, 29 Ben, 34 Nut, 35 Lorde, 36 Angie, 37 Nun, 38 Enemy, 39 Set.


1 Enjoy The Silence, 2 Disturbia, 3+40A Fast Car, 5 Fever, 6 Earth, 7 Istanbul, 8 Gap Band, 15 Ice, 16 Riley, 17+30A Etta James, 20 Same Jeans, 21 Naive, 25 Vincent, 31 Magic, 32 Spear, 33+13D Play God.